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Berkeley’s first processing auto was the “Sports” (sort Sa322), advertised in September 1956 and handled from October 1956 to January 1957. It was aglass-fibre monocoque , two-seater open tourer fueled by a British Anzani twin-chamber 322 cc two-stroke motor handling 15 bhp (11 kw; 15 Ps) and mounted transversely driving the front wheels through a chain and three speed gearbox. The motor was now utilized by different little cruiser producers, for example Cotton and Greeves, however in the Berkeley was fitted with a Siba Dynastart to furnish both electric storage device charging and electric beginning. It was an exceptionally sharp minimal two stroke motor which joined a revolving channel valve system in the focal point of the crankshaft., The organization transformed novel sportscar outlines by Lawrence “Lawrie” Bond in the Berkeley Coachworks plant possessed by Charles Panter, which around then was one of the biggest makers of trains in Europe.

It was a perfect extend for Berkeley, who had advanced impressive aptitudes in the utilization of Glass-fortified plastic (Grp), and were searching for something to fill the crevices in the precise occasional convoy market. What Panter and Bond needed to attain was “something adequate to win World 750cc races… anyway modest, safe, effortlessly repairable and pretty.”

Berkeley Vehicle Model list:

1961 Berkeley Bandit

1959 Berkeley B105

1959 Berkeley B95

1959 Berkeley QB105

1959 Berkeley QB95

1957 Berkeley Sports

1957 Berkeley Sports

Berkeley Sports