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Abarth Logo


AC Logo


Acura Logo


Ad Tramontana Logo

Ad Tramontana

Aixam Logo


Alfa Romeo Logo

Alfa Romeo

Arash Logo


Arrinera Logo


Ariel Logo


Artega Logo


Ascari Logo


Audi Logo


Aston Martin Logo

Aston Martin

Bentley Logo


Berkley Logo


Bertone Logo


BMW Logo


Breckland Logo


Brilliance Logo


Bugatti Logo


Buick Logo


BYD Logo


Cadillac Logo


Caparo Logo


Caterham Logo


Changan Logo


Chery Logo


Chevrolet Logo


Chrysler Logo


Citroen Logo


Continental Motors Logo

Continental Motors

Corvette Logo


Dacia Logo


Daewoo Logo


DAF Logo


Daihatsu Logo


Datsun Logo


DKW Logo


Dodge Logo


Dr Motor Logo

Dr Motor

Devel Sixteen Logo

Devel Sixteen

Elfin Logo


Emgrand Logo


Eterniti Logo


Ferrari Logo


Fiat Logo


Ford Logo


Gaz Logo


Geely Logo


Gemballa Logo


Gillet Logo


Ginetta Logo


GMC Logo


General Motors - GM Logo

General Motors – GM

Gumpert Logo


Great Wall Logo

Great Wall

Hennessey Logo


Holden Logo


Honda Logo


Hummer Logo


Hyundai Logo


Infiniti Logo


Isuzu Logo


Jaguar Logo


Jeep Logo


Joss Logo


Kia Logo


Koenigsegg Logo


Lada Logo


Lagonda Logo


Lamborghini Logo


Lancia Logo


Land Rover Logo

Land Rover

Lexus Logo


Lincoln Logo


Lotus Logo


Luxgen Logo


Mahindra Logo


Maserati Logo


Maybach Logo


Mazda Logo


Mclaren Logo


Mercedes-Benz Logo


MG Logo


Mini Logo


Mitsubishi Logo


Morgan Logo


Mosler Logo


Mustang Logo


Nissan Logo


Noble Logo


Oldsmobile Logo


Opel Logo


Pagani Logo


Panoz Logo


Perodua Logo


Peugeot Logo


Piaggio Logo


Pininfarina Logo


Pontiac Logo


Porsche Logo


Proton Logo


Renault Logo


Rolls Royce Logo

Rolls Royce

Rover Logo


Ruf Logo


Rimac Logo


Saab Logo


Saleen Logo


Scania Logo


Scion Logo


Seat Logo


Shelby Logo


Shelby Super Cars Logo

Shelby Super Cars – SSC

Skoda Logo


Smart Logo


Spyker Logo


SsangYong Logo


Subaru Logo


Suzuki Logo


Tata Logo


Tesla Logo


Think Logo


Toyota Logo


Troller Logo


TVR Logo


UAZ Logo


Vandenbrink Logo


Vauxhall Logo


Vector Logo


Venturi Logo


Volkswagen Logo


Volvo Logo


W Motors Logo

W Motors

Zagato Logo


Zaz Logo


Zil Logo


Car logos: Essential components of a car.

Transport is essential to continue various human activities and there are many different means of Transport. In ancient times, people use to move from one place to another via horses, donkeys and other such animals. After the invention of wheel, the means of transport were changed.

Wheel revolutionized Transport and helped to invent many other means of transport. Car is one of the most luxurious and feasible meaning of transport. People like to have cars and they use it to move from one place to another. Horses are now replaced with cars, and they are proved to be the best means of transport in many different ways. With the advent of cars, people thought about making “car manufacturing” as a business.

Many people got the idea of creating suitable car logo according to their manufacturing companies. These car logos are like symbols and are also called “Car Emblems”.

Every car manufacturing company has different logo of different types of cars, and those cars are recognized by their logos and car symbols. The importance of car logos can be recognized by considering the people’s discussions and ideas, and their discussion about different car logos and car symbols.

The history of car logos is as old as of cars, but no one can say exactly about the history of car symbols and logos. Different companies have different histories, thus different stories behind car logos.

Did You See all Car Logos in the world ?

Car Logos

All 1264 Car Manufacturers Logos

In 1886 began the era of Cars. That same year, a first car was made of the German inventor Karl Benz called Benz-Patent Motorwagen. But it was not released in wide production right away.
One of the first car, which was released in wide production was the Model T by the Ford Motor Company 1908 years.

Thus began car production and therefore new car companies.
One of the first recognizable symbols in the automotive industry was of Ford Motor Company 1903 years.


During their prime decades a lot of car companies were in production and most have unfortunately failed due to lack of financial resources. In the world it is known that there were over 3500 Car companies, from the smallest to the largest of those that we now know.

Nowadays cars are very present, statistics say that even 50% of the population owns a car.

Today there are hundreds of active Car companies, and each company has its own car Car symbol – Car logo, so people can instantly recognize them just by looking at symbol.

We can easily say that Car Logos represent each Car Manufacturers on the unique way,

Every Symbol of car company has his own meaning and history, and i am inviting you to browse and find it to the most interesting and most informative way.

Here we are going to discuss about some famous companies and their “car logos”.

Ferrari Logo

Ferrari Logo

lets take for example Ferrari ( The famous symbol of Ferrari is a black prancing horse on yellow background, usually with the letters S F for Scuderia Ferrari. The horse was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, a legendary “asso” (ace) of the Italian air force during World War I, who painted it on the side of his planes.)




Lamborghini Logo

Lamborghini Logo

Lamborghini (The Lamborghini logo was created taking inspiration from Taurus (bull), the zodiac sign of the founder of the company. Ferruccio Lamborghini’s passion for the bullfighting sport is also reflected in the logo. Most of the Lamborghini car models are named after famous bulls.)




Subaru Logo

Subaru Logo

Japanese Subaru (“SUBARU” is a Japanese word meaning “unite.” It is also a term identifying the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus that includes six stars visible to the average eye. According to Greek mythology, Atlas’ daughters turned into this group of stars.) Others says that this word is from the Japanese origin and it has the meaning of five companies which were merged together to form a strong basis of companies.



Chevrolet Logo

Chevrolet Logo

Chevrolet: This logo, may be called “Bowtie” symbol, is representing one of three American Big cars and its network in the whole world. This logo was first used in 1914 which was designed on the design of wallpaper of a hotel room, where the GM founder William Durant lived.




Mercedes-Benz Logo

Mercedes-Benz Logo

Mercedes-Benz: This logo has the history in the, rotating around a postcard having a star on it, sent by Gottlied Daimler to his wife. This logo has three pointed folder, pointing like three points of a star. Mercedes cars are one of the world best and expensive cars.




BMW Logo

BMW Logo

BMW: story behind the BMW logo was linked with the aircraft engines. But it seems that the origins of the BMW logo have a totally different explanation. Who is not aware of BMW? One of the most expensive cars of the world is “BMW”. The logo of BMW is very mythical and acts differently sometimes. Its logo is like that because people changed the logo without any reasons and suggested to some mature dietitian. The symbol of BMW represents the rotation of a “Propeller” and its based on a rotating airscrew, some people says that are the origin of the myth.  And the others says that the BMW logo is just a simplified Bavarian flag.


There are three types of Car Logos that are commonly used by the Car Manufacturers:

Symbol Car Logos, Text Car Logos and Combination Symbols – Texts Car Logos.

Symbol Car Logos are specially designed symbols that are used to represent the brand on its best way. So People can instantly recognize brand just by looking at symbol. Some of the Car Brands that using Symbol Car Logos are: Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Ferrari, Porsche, Citroen.

Text Car Logos are used in many Car Companies, usually the initials or whole Car Company names, written in some particular text style. Some of the Car Brands that using Text Car Logos are: Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Fiat.

Combination Symbols-Texts Car Logos is a blend of symbols and texts that are putted together. Some of the Car Brands that using Combination Symbols-Text Logos are: Lamborghini, Rover, BMW, Maserati, Skoda.

Today, Car Emblems appear even on caps, bags, t-shirts, key chains , Printed Mugs or on other accessories.

And Car Symbols printed on some item like Car Mugs can make a great gift to any car lover. is slowly growing to become the most popular car logos web site on the Internet. it has more than 1260 car logos of companies what is must say the largest collection on the internet.
Also to be much better, you can find the complete Car manufacturer list and also model list by years of each Car Company.

More than 3500 Car Manufacturers complete list from A-Z

Resource for this impressive list are gathered from whole internet, lots of useful information’s are found from:

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Car Manufacturers with start letter A

A Car Without A Name Alphi Armstrong Siddeley
A Level Alpina Armstrong Whitworth
A.B.C. Motor Vehicle Alpine Arnault
A.d Tramontana Alsace Arno
A.R.M. Alta Arnold
Aachener Altay Arnott
AAG Altena ARO
AAI Komodo Alter Arola
AB Nyköpings Automobilfabrik Alternative Cars Arrinera
AB Thulinverken Altham Arrol-Aster
Abadal Altia Arrol-Johnston
Abais Altman Arrow
Abarth Altmann Arsenal
Abbey Altona Art and Tech
Abbott Aluminum Artega
Abbott-Detroit Alva Artes
ABC Alvechurch Arzac
Aberdonia Alvis AS
Abingdon AM ASA
Able AM General Asahi
Abra AM Sportscars Asardo
Abt Sportsline AMA Ascari
AC Amalgamated Asco Aura
AC Propulsion Amal-special Ascort
AC Schnitzer Amante Ascot
Academy Amazon Ashley
Acadian Ambassador Ashok Leyland
Accles-Turrell Amco Ashton-Evans
Ace Amédée Bollée Asia
Achilles America ASL
Achleitner American ASM
Achmadi American Austin Aspa
Acma American Bantam Asper
Acme American Bicycle Co. Asquith
Acorn American Chocolate ASS
Acura American Electric Astatic
Adam American Fiat Aster
Adamo GT American Lafrance Aston Martin
Adams American Locomotive Company (ALCO) Astra
Adams-Farwell American Mercedes Astral
Adamson American Mors Astresse
Addax American Motors (AMC) Asüna
Addison American Muscle Cars-AMC ATA
Adelmo American Napier Ataka
Ader American Populaire Atalanta
ADK American Simpex Ateliers d’Automobiles et d’Aviation (AAA)
Adler American Steam Aterio
Adrenaline American Steamer Athmac
Adria American Tri-Car Atkinson and Philipson
Advance American Underslung Atla
AEM American Voiturette Atlanta
Aeon American Waltham Atlantic
AER Americar Atlantis
Aero Amero Atlas
Aero Minor Ames Atlas Honda
Aerocar AMG Atlas-Knight
Aerocar-Detroit Amherst Atomette
Aérocaréne Amianan Atomo
Aeroford Amilcar ATS
Aerts/Neerlandia Amilcar Italiana Azia Avto
AFA Amkodor ATT
AFM Amor Atterbury
Africar Amoritz GT Attica
AGA Ampère Attila
Ageron Amphicar Åtvidaberg
AGM Sports Cars Amplex Auburn
AGR Amuza Auckland Cobra
Agrale AMV Audi
Ailloud AMZ Audibert & Lavirotte
Airedale Anadol Auge
Airscoot Anadón Aultman
Airway Anahuac Aurea
Aixam Anasagasti Aurica
Ajams Anchor Buggy Aurora
Ajax Anderheggen AUSA
AJR Anderson Ausfod
AJS Anderson Electric Austin
Akkermans Andino Austin Morris
Aks Andre Austin Rover
AL Armstrong Electric Austin-Healey
Al Araba Andre Py Austral
Alamagny Angkor Australian Kit Car
Alan Anglada Australian Six
Aland Anglian Australis
Alanqa Anglo-American Austro
Alatac Anglo-Dane Austro-Daimler
Alba Anglo-French Austro-Fiat
Alba Regia Angus-Sanderson Austro-Rumpler
Albany Anhut Austro-Tatra
Albar Ankel Authi
Albatros Anker Auto Cub
Alberford Ann Arbor Auto EV
Albers-Apollo Annova Auto Mirage
Albert Ansair Asarco
Albion Ansaldo Auto Red Bug
ALC Ansbach Auto Sandal
Alco Ansted Auto Speciali
Alcre Ansted-Lexington Auto Tractor
Alcyon Anteros Autoar
Alda Antilope Autobacs
Alphax Antoine Autobianchi
Aldee Antoinette Autobleu
Al-Dhabi AntoRus Autobuses King
Aldino Anzani Autocar
Aldo Anziel Autocars
Alena Apal Autocrat
Ales Apollo Autoette
Alesbury Apperson Autokinitoviomihania Ellados
Alesia Apple Autolette
Alex Aptera Automatic Electric
Alexander Aquada Automeccanica
ALFA Aquila Auto-Mixte
Alfa Legia ARA Automobilbau Saier
Alfa Romeo Arab Automotive Industries
Alfgang Arab American Vehicles – AAV Automoto
Alfi Arash Autonacional
AL-HAJ FAW Motors (Pvt.) Limited Arbee Autorama
Ali CIEMME Arbel Autosan
All American Classics – AAC ArBenz Autotrix
Allard Archer Auto-Union
Allard-Latour Ardak Autovia
All-British Arden Autozam
Alldays Ardent Autozodiaco
Alldays & Onions Ardex Auverland
Allen Ardsley AV Monocar
Allen-Kingston Argo Avallone
Alliance Argo Electric Avanti
Allied Argon Avera
Allright Argonaut Avia
Allstate Argonne Avion
All-Steel Argus Avions Voisin
Allvelo Argyll Avis
Allwyn Ariane Avolette
ALM A.C.M.A.T. Ariel Avtodesign
Alma Ariès Avtokad
AZLK Arimofa AvtoVaz
Almac Arista AWE
Almenara Buggy Arkley AWS
ALP Arlöfs AWZ-Zwickau
Alpena Armadale AXR
Alpena Flyer Armstrong Aymesa
Alpha Sports Arnolt Aquila 2
Aster 2 Aurora 2 Angus
Automotor Anger Automobile Voiturette
Automobile Fore Carriage Auto-Bug Auto Vehicle
Auto Two Auto Tricar Auto Parts
Auto Dynamic Auto Cycle Austen
Artzberger Aristos Arabian
Anthony Anheuser-Busch Ams-Sterling
American Wheelock Ajax Electric American Power Carriage
American Gas American Fiat American De Dion
American Berliet American Beauty Arnolt Bristol
Aquila Sports Cars American Toledo

Car Manufacturers with start letter B

B Engineering Benjamin Bowman
b+b Bentall Bow-V-Car
Babcock Electric Bentley BPD
Baby Benz BRA
Baby Blake Benz Söhne Brabham
Baby Buggy Berg Brabus
Baby-Brousse Bergdoll Bradley
BAC Berkeley Bradwell
BAD Berkshire Brammo
Badger Berliet Brasier
Badsey Berna Brasinca
Baer Bernardet Braun
Bahman Group Bernardi Bravia
Bailey Electric Berrien Buggy Breckland Technology
Baja Bertone Brems
Bajaj Auto Berwick Electric Brennabor
Bajaj-Tempo BET Brennan
Baker & Dale Beuk Brew-Hatcher
Baker Electrics Beutler Brewster & Co.
Bakrie Beverly Bricklin
Balaton BG Car Briggs & Stratton
Balkan Biagini Briggs-Detroiter
Balkania Bianchi Brilliance Auto
Ballot Bianco Briscoe
Balzer Biddle Brissonneau et Lotz
Bambi Biesel Bristol
Bandini Bifort Britannia
Banker BIG British Leyland
Bantam Bignan British Salmson
Baoding Dadi Bij’t Vuur Brixia-Zust
Baojun Billings-Burns Bovy
Baolong Billy BRM Buggy
Barabus TKR Bimantara Broadway
Barkas Binghamton Electric Broc Electric
Barley Binney & Burnham Brock
Barnard Birch Brogan
Barnes Birchfield Bronto
Barosso Birkin Brook
Barré Birmingham Brooke Cars
Barreiros Biscayne Brooks
Barrows Electric Biscuter Brotherhood
Basel Motors Bitter Brough Superior
Bastin Bizzarrini Brouhot
Bates Bjering Brunau-Weidmann
Batten Black Brush
Baudouin Black Crow Brütsch
Baufer Black Prince Bryan
Baughan Blackhawk BS Motor
Baur Blackjack BSA cars
Bay State Blade BSH
Bayliss-Thomas Blakely Bub
BAZ Blast Bucciali
BCK Blériot Buchanan
Bean Blériot-Whippet Buchet
Beardmore Bliss Buckingham
Beardsley Blitzworld Buckle
Beattie Blixt Buckler
Beaufort BLM Buckmobile
Beaver Blomstrom Budd
Bebi Blood Buddy
Beccaria BMC Buffalo Electric
Beck BMW Buffum
Beck Engineering & Composites BNC Bufori
Beckmann Bobbi-Kar Bugatti
Bédélia Boes Bugatti & Gulinelli
Bedford Boes Motor & Mekanik Bugre
Beebe Bogdan Corporation Bugway
BEF Bohse Buick
Beggs Boitel Bukh & Gry
Beijing Automobile Works Bolide Bulgaralpine
Beiqi Foton Bollée Bulgarrenault
Belcar Bolwell Bullet
Belden Bomac Bungartz
Belga Bond Bünger
Belga Rise BZP Burdick
Belgica Bonetti Burg
BelKommunMash Bonnet BYD
Bell Borbála Burgers
Bell Aurens Borgward Burney
Bell Motor Car Borland Electric Burton
Bellanger Bosmal Bush
Bellier Bossaert Bushbury Electric
Bellsize Bound Bushranger
Belmont Bouquet, Garcin & Schivre/BGS Butterosi
Ben Hur Bourassa Butz
Bendix Bour-Davis BXR Motors
Benham BZT Burrows
Burns Buggy Car Brunn
Brownie Brown-Burtt Brown
Bristol 2 Brightwood Brecht
Brazier Brasie Bramwell-Robinson
Bramwell Bradford Bradfield
Bournonville Boston-Amesbury Boston High Wheel
Boss Steam Car Borbein Boisselot
Boardman BMC 2 Bimel
Bethlehem Bertolet Berg Electric
Bentel Benner Bendix
Bellefontaine Bauer Barnes Steam Trap
Barnes Barbarino Bar Harbor
Ball Steam Baldwin Baldner
Balboa Baker-Bell Baker & Elberg Electric
Bailey Bacon

Car Manufacturers with start letter C

C.A.C Checker Commerce
C.A.S. Cheetah Commonwealth
CAR Chenard&Walcker Commuter
Cadillac Cherdchai Cyklon
Calcott Chery Compound
Caldwell Vale Chevrolet Connaught Motor Company
Callaway Chevron Conover
Callista Chicago Electric Conquest Vehicle Incorporated
Calthorpe Ching Conrad
Cambier Chinkara Conrero
Cambro Chiribiri Consolidated
Cameron Chiyoda Constantinesco
Canadian Motor Chota Conte
Cannon Christchurch-Campbell Continental
Canstel Christie Continental Motors
Cantono Chrysler Continental Roadster
CAP Chrysler Plymouth Cony
Caparo CHS Cooper
Car De Luxe Church Corbin Motor
Carbon Motors Church-Field Cord
Carbontech Ciem Cornelian
Carden Cimex Cornish-Friedberg
Cardi CIMOS Corre La Licorne
Caresto Cino Correja
Carhart Cisitalia Corvette
Caribe Citicar Corvill
Carlette Cito Coste
Carlsson Citroën Costin
Carlton CityEl Cottereau
Car-Nation Cizeta-Moroder Cottin & Desgouttes
Carroll Claeys-Flandria Cougar
Carrozzeria Touring Clan Countess
Carter Clarendon Courier
Carter Twin-Engine Clarin Mustad Cournil
Cartercar Clark Couteret
Carver Classic Car Developments Couverchel
Casalini Classic Glass Coventry Classics
Case Classic Recreations Coventry Climax
Castagna Classic Revival Coventry Motor Company
Castano Claveau Coventry Premier
Castle Three CLC Coventry-Victor
Castoldi Clément-Bayard Covert
Caterham Clenet Covini
Cavac Cleveland Electric Coyote
CBT Clever CQ
CCM Climax Craig-Toledo
CD Climber Craiova
Ceco Clinton Crane
Cegga Clipper Crane & Breed
Ceirano Clúa Crane Simplex
Celeritas Club Crawford
Cemsa Cluley Créanche
Centaur Clyno Cree
Centaurus CMC Crespelle
Century Coadou et Fleury Crespi
Century Electric Coates-Goshen Crest
Certus Coats Steamer Crestmobile
Ceyc Cobra Cricket
CFB Cobra Craft Croesus
C-FEE Cobracar Crofton
CG Cochotte Croissant
CGV Coda Crosley
Chadwick Coey Cross Lander
Chaigneau-Brasier Coggiola Crosslander
Chainless Cognet de Seynes Crossley
Chalfant Cohendet Crouch
Chalmers Colani Crow Elkhart
Chalmers-Detroit Colburn Crowdy
Chambers Motors Colby Crown
Chamonix Colda Crowther
Champion Cole Croxted
Chandler Colibri Croxton
Chang’An Motors Colonial Croxton-Keeton
Changhe Colonial Six CSC
Chaparral Colt Csepel
Chapman Electric Coltman Csonka
Chapron Columbia CT&T
Charawacky Columbia Electric Cubitt
Charlon Columbia Six Cudell
Charon Columbus Buggy Company Culmen
Charron Columbus Electric Cunningham
Charron-Laycock Comarth Curtis
Chatenet Comet Custoca
Chater-Lea Commander Cutting
Chavdar Commer CVI
CWS Corre Cyclomobile
Culver Cruiser Crowdus Electric
Crompton Criterion Crescent
Courier Clermont Country Club Cotta Steam
Cosmopolitan Corinthian Commodore
Commercial Columbus Columbian Electric
Colonial Electric Coggswell Clymer
Clyde Special Club Car Cloughley
Clough Steamer Clermont Cleburne
Classic Clark-Hatfield Clark Steam Car
Clark Electric Cincinnati Steamer Church Pneumatic
Christman Chief Chicago Steam Car
Chicago Chelsea Chase
Century Steamer CF Central
Carthage CB Carter Steam
Carroll Six Compressed Air Carlson
Cardway Cantono Electric Cady

Car Manufacturers with start letter D

DAC Deasy Dinfia
Dacia Decauville Dingfelder
Dacon Dechamps Dino
Dadi Auto Deco Rides Dioss
Daewoo DECSA Direct
Daewoo Bus Deep Sanderson DISA
DAF Deere Disbrow
Dagmar Deering Magnetic Disk
Dagsa Deguingand Dispatch
Daihatsu Dehn Diva
Daimler Deho Dixi
Daktari Del Mar Dixie Flyer
Dala7 Del Monte Dixon Saracen
Dalgliesh-Gullane DeLaChapelle DK
Dalifol Delage DKW
Dalifol & Thomas Delahaye DKW-Malzoni
Damaizin & Pujos Delamare-Deboutteville DKW-Vemag
Dana Delaugère DMG
Dangel Delaunay-Belleville Doble
Daniels Delecroix Dodge
Dansk Delfino Dodgeson
Danvignes Delfosse DOK-ING
d’Aoust Delin Dolo
Darby Dellepiane Dolson
Dardo Delling Dome
Dare Dellow Don Foster
Darl Mat DeLorean Donatini
Darling Demeester DongFeng
Darl’mat Democrata Donkervoort
Darmont Demotcar Donnet
Darracq Denis de Boisse Donnet-Zedel
Darrin Dennison Donto
Dartz Denza Doon
Dasse Denzel Dora
DAT Derby Doretti
Datsun Deronda Dorris
Dauer Derways Dort
David Desberon Douglas
David & Bourgeois Desmoulins Downing-Detroit
Davis DeSoto Downs
Davis Steam Detroit DR
Davria d’Yrsan Dragon
Davrian Detroit Cyclecar Dragon Motor
Dawson Detroit Electric DRB
DAX Detroit Steam Drexel
Day Detroit-Dearborn Driggs
Dayton Electric Detroiter Driggs-Seabury
Daytona Detroit-Oxford Drummond
DB Deuce Customs DS Malterre
De Bazelaire Deutz Du Pont
De Bruyne Deva Auto Dual Motors
de Carlo Devaux Dual-Ghia
De Cezac Devin Dudly
De Clercq Dinarg Dudly Bug
De Cosmo Devon Motor Works Dué
De Dietrich Devrim Duesen Bayern
De Dion-Bouton Dewald Duesenberg
De Joux Dewan Farooque Motors Dufaux
De La Chapelle DeWitt Dumas
De La Vergne DFP Dumont
De Lorean Di Tella Dunn
De Luxe Diabolo Duntov
De Marcay Diamond Reo Duport
De Mot Diamond T DURA
De Riancey Diana Durant
De Sanzy Diar Duriez
De Schaum Diardi Durkopp
De Soto Diatto Durocar
De Tamble Diaz y Grilló Duryea
De Tomaso Diederichs Dutton
De Vaux Dile Dux
De Vaux Continental DIM Duzgo
De Vecchi Dimora Dymaxion
De Wandre Dina Dynasty
Deal Duquesne Duplex
Dumont 2 Duer Duck
Drake Downing Dovell
DLG Dixie Diamond
Dey Griswold Dey Electric Dewabout
Detroit-Speedster Des Moines Derain
Denneed Delmore Decker
Decatur De Shaw De Motte
De Mars Electric Dayton Dawson Auto-Mobile
Davenport Dart Dan Patch

Car Manufacturers with start letter E


Eldredge Electrek Entrop
E.R. Thomas Electric Carriage Envemo
Eadie Electric Motive Power Enzmann
Eagle Electric Vehicle Epocar
EAM Electric vehicles Equus Thundix
Earl Electricar ERA
EarthRoamer Electro ErAZ
Eastman Electrobat Erdmann
Ebro Electromobile Erie
Eco Elfe Ermini
EcoMove Elfin Ernst
Economic Elgé Erskine
Economy Elgin ESA
Econoom Elio Motors Escartus
Ecora Elisar Escol
Ecosse Elite Esculape
Edag Elizalde Esculapeus
Edford Elkhart Carriage Company Esemka
Edge Ellemobil Eshelman
Edismith Elmore ESO
Edo Elpo España
Edra Elswick Esperia
Edran Elva Essex
Edsel Elysée ESTfield
Edwards Emerson Esther
Edwards-America EMF Etalon-Avto Corporation
Edwards-Knight Emgrand Eterniti Motors
Effedi EMIS Etnyre
Efini Emme Etox
Egan Emmel Eucort
Egg & Egli Emms Eudelin
Ego EMPI Eunos
Egy-Tech Empire Eureka
EHP Empire Steamer Eurocar
Ehrhardt Empress E-Vade
Ehrhardt-Szawe EMW Evans
Eicher Enders Evante
Eisenach Endurance Everett-Morrison
Eisenacher Enduro Everitt
Eisenhuth Energine Ewing
Ekstromer Enfield E-Wolf
El Fénix Enger Exagon Motors
EL Motors Engesa Excalibur
El Terruno Engler Excel
ELBO Eniak Excelsior
Elcar Enka Excelsior-Mascot
Elcat Enterra Exor
Eldredge Entreposto Express
Eysink E-Z-GO Everybody’s
Evansville Euclid Erie & Sturgis
Entz Emancipator Ellsworth
Ellis Elliott Elkhart
Electronomic Electra Elco
Elbert Elberon Elberg
El Morocco Eichstaedt EHV
Eddy Electric Economycar Eclipse Steam
Eclipse Eck Eaton Electric
Eagle Rotary Eagle Electric

Car Manufacturers with start letter F


FAB Fiat Fouillaron
F.A.Y.R Fiat Auto Poland-Polski Fiat Four Wheel Drive
F.B. Stearns Company Fiat-Neckar Fournier
F40 Silhouette Fiat-Tofaş Fox
FAAS Fiberfab Foy Steel
Fabral Fibravan Foy-Steele
Facel Vega Ficosa FPV
Factory Five Fides Fram King Fulda
Fadag Fiero Factory Framo
Fafag FIF Franay
Fafnir FIM France
Fageol Fimer Francis Grace
Fairthorpe Fina-Sport Francis Lombardi
FAL Finch Francisco
Fal-Car Finlandia Franco
Falcon Fioravanti Franklin
Falcon Shells Findlay Fraser
Falcon-Knight Firestone-Columbus Frayer-Miller
Falke Fischer Frazen
FANASA Fischer-Detroit Frazer
FAP Fisher Frazer Nash
Faralli & Mazzanti Fissore Fredonia
Farbio Fitch Freestream
Farboud FL Freia
Fargo FLAG Fremont
Farmack Flaid Frenay
Farman Flanders Electric Freze
Farus Fleetwood Friend
FAST Flint Frisky
Faulkner-Blanchard Flitzer Fritchle Electric
Faun Florentia FRM
Favier Flyer Frontenac
Favorit FN Frontmobile
Federal Foden FSC
Fejes Fondu FSM
Felber Fonlupt FSO
Feldmann Force FSR
Fend Ford Fudi
Fera Ford Fierra Fuji
Ferbedo Ford Germany Fulda Mobil
Feresa Ford-Vairogs Fuller
Fergus Formula1 Street Fulmina
Ferguson Fornasari Fun Car
Ferrari Fossum Fúria
Ferris Foster Fuso
Ferves Fostoria FVK
FWD Friedman Friedman
Frederickson Fournier-Searchmont Fouch
Fort Plain Fort Pitt Forest City
Flint Roadster Flexbi Flagler
Field Fidelia Fey Touring
Fenton Federal Steam Fay
Fawick Flyer Farner Fanning

Car Manufacturers with start letter G


Gaeth Gilda GRAC
Gadabout Gill Graciela
Gaeth Gillet Grade
Gaggenau Gillet-Forest Gräf und Stift
Gale Ginetta Graham
Galloway Giocattolo Graham Berry
Galy Giom Graham-Paige
GAP Giottiline Graham-Paige
Gardner Giser Grancar
Gardner-Serpollet Giugiaro Grant
Gareau GJG Gray
Garrard GKD Gray-Dort
Garrard & Blumfield GKN Great Eagle
Gas-au-Lec Gladiator Great Smith
Gasi Glas Great Southern
Gasmobile Glaspac Great Wall
Gatso Glassic Great Western
Gatter Glasspar Greenleaf
Gautier–Wehrlé Glide Gregoire
Gaylord Globe Gregory
GAZ Globe Four Grezda
GB Auto Globus-auto Gridi
GDT Gloria Griffith
GEA Gloriette Grinnall
Gearless GM Grinnell
Geely GM DAT/Daewoo Griswold
Geep GMC Grivel
Geering GME Grofri
Geha Gmur Groninger
Gelria GN Grose
GEM Gnom Grosspal
Gemballa Gnome Grout
General Motors Gobron Grumett
Genesee Gobron-Brilli Grupo Electrico Motorizado
Geneva Gobron-Brillié GSM
Geo Godfrey-Proctor GT Mouldings
Georges Irat Goggomobil GT40 NZ
Georges Richard Goliath GT40 Replication
Georges Roy GomSelMash GTA
Gerald GoNow GTM
Germain Goodchild GTS
Geronimo Goodspeed Guerraz
G-Force Gordini Guerry et Bourguignon
Ghandhara Industries Gordon Guitolar
Ghandhara Nissan Gordon Keeble Gumpert
Ghia Gordon Murray Design Gurgel
Giannini Gordon-Keeble Gutbrod
Gibbons Gorham Guy Motors
Gibbs Goujon Guyot Spéciale
Gideon Goy GWA
Gilbern GP Concessionaires Ltd. GWK
Gilbert GP Speed Shop Gwynne
Gilco Graber Gwynne-Albert
Gyroscope GV Great Arrow
Graves & Condon Granite Falls Gramm
Graham Motorette Graham Electric Golden Eagle
Glover Gleason Gillette
Ghent German-American General Electric
General Gearless Steamer Gary Six
Garford Gabriel

Car Manufacturers with start letter H


Hackett Heine-Velox HMV
H.A.L. Heinis Hobbie Accessible
Ha Heinkel Hobbycar
Haargaard Helbé Hodgep
Hackett Helguero Hoffman
Hafei Helios Hoffmann
HAG Helix Hoffmann & Czerny
HAG-Gastell Henderson Hofstetter turbo
Haima Hennessey Holden
Hakar Hendel Holland Car
HAL Henney Holley
HalAZ Henou Hollier
Halladay Henriod Holman Moody
Hamann Henry Holmes
Hamlin-Holmes Henry Bauchet Holsman
Hammel Henry J Hol-Tan
Hammer Henry Meadows Limited Homebush
Hammer-Sommer Henry-Dubray Homer Laughlin
Hampton Henschel Hommell
Handley-Knight Hérald Honda
Hanomag Hercules Hongqi
Hansa Herff-Brooks Hooper Coach Builders
Hansan Heron Hope
Harding Herreshoff Hoppenstand
Harper Hertz Horch
Harrison Heuliez Horstmann Cars
Harroun Hewinson-Bell Hot Rod
Hart Kraft Hewitt Hotchkiss
Hartge Hewitt-Lindstrom Houlberg
Hartham Hexe Houpt
Hartnet HHT Technologies Howard
Hartnett Hidley HRG
Harvard Hildebrand Hrubon
Hataz Hill HSV
Hatfield Hill & Stanier HTT
Hautier Hillen Huayang
Havers Hillman Hubbard
Hawa Hilton Huber
Hawk Hindustan Motors Hudson
Hay-Berg Hino Huet Brothers
Hayden Dart Hybrid Technologies Huffman
Hayes Hinstin Hulme
Haynes Hispano Hult Healey
Haynes-Apperson Hispano Aleman Humbee
HB Hispano Suiza Humber
HCS Hispano-Argentina Hummer
HCS Motorcar Hispano-Guadalajara Hupmobile
Healey Hisparco Hupp
Healy Hitchcock Hupp Yeats
Hebei Zhongxing Hi-Tech Hurmid
Hédéa HKT Hurtan
Heifner H-M Free-Way Hurtu
Heim HMC Huselton
Hyundai Hvezda Husqvarna
Hydromotor Howey House Steamer
Hoskins Hoosier Scout Hood Steamer
Holtom Holland Hines
Highlander Hicks Heymann
Heseltine Hertel Hercules Electric
Hayward Haydock Hawley
Hasbrouck Harwood-Barley Hartman
Hartley Harris Harrie
Hardy Hanover Hanger

Car Manufacturers with start letter I


IAD IMV Irmscher
IAPMA Inauco Iroquois
IATO Indio Iroquois
IAVA Induco Isaka
Ibis Induhag Isard
Icon Indus Motors Company Isatis
Iconic Industrias Aeronáuticas y Mecánicas del Estado IAME Isdera
Ida Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA) Isetta
IDA-Opel Industrias WARV Isetta Velam
Ideal Indy Cycle Ishikawajima
Idemitsu Infiniti ISIS
Iden Innocenti Iso
IENA Inobus Iso Rivolta
IES Inokom Isotta Fraschini
IFA Inovo Isuzu
IFR Inter Itala
Ikarbus Intermeccanica Italdesign
Ikarus International Cars & Motors cvLimited|ICML Iveco Motor Sich
Ilinga International Harvester Izaro
Illinois Inter-State Izh
Image Intrall Izuogu
IME Invacar Imperial
Imp Invicta IMR
Impéria Iota Iran Khodro
Imperia-Abadal IPV Irizar
Intrepid International Cyclecar International
Indianapolis Indiana Independent Harvester
Imperial Electric Illinois Electric Ideal Electric
Ideal 2

Car Manufacturers with start letter J


JAC Jeantaud John O’Gaunt
Jack Sport Jeecy-Vea Johnson
Jackson Jeep Jomar
Jacquet Jefe Jones
Jacquet Flyer Jeffery Jonz
Jaeger Jehle Jordan
Jaguar Jenatzy Joss
James and Browne Jenkins Jösse Car
James N. Leitch Company Jensen Joswin
Jamos Jensen-Healey Jouffret
Janémian Jetcar Jousset
Janney Jewel Jouvie
Janoir Jewell Jowett
Janvier Jewett J-P Wimille
Jappic JG Sport JPL
Jarvie Jiangling JPX
Jarvis-Huntington Jiangnan JSC “Agromashholding Kazakhstan”
Javan Jidé Judkins
Jawa Jimenez Juho
JBA Motors Jinbei Junior
JDM Jiotto Justicialista
Jean Gras JM Juzan
Jean-Bart JMC JVA
Jeannin Joel-Rosenthal JZR
Julian Jones-Corbin Jaxon Steam

Car Manufacturers with start letter K

Kaipan Kessler Kohout
Kaditcha Kess-Line 8 Koller
Kadron Kevah Kolowrat
Kainz Kewet Komet
Kaiser Keystone Komnick
Kaiser Frazer Khodro Kaveer Kondor
Kalmar Kia Koppin
KAN Kiblinger Korn et Latil
Kapena Kieft Korres
Kapi KIM Körting
Karmann Kimball Electric Korvensuu
Karmann Ghia King Kougar
Karminski King Long Kraftwerkz
Karsan King Midget KrASZ
Kato King-Remick Kremer
Kauffman Kingsburgh Kriéger
Kauffmann Kirk Krit
Kearns Kirkham Koenigsegg
Keeton Kish Khodro Kroboth
Keinath Kissel Kronos
Keller Kleemann KTA Madara
Kellison Kleiber KTM
Kelmark Kleinschnittger Kühlstein
Kelsey Kleinstwagen Kunisue
Kensington Kline Kar Kuozui Motors
Kent Klink Kurek
Kenta Knap Kurtis Kraft
Kenter Knox Kermath
Kent’s Pacemaker Koch Kurtz
Kenworthy Koco Kurugane
Kerman Khodro Koenig Kyma
Kroboth (2) Kurtz-Automatic Kunz
Krueger Krastin Konigslow
Koehler Kobusch Knickerbocker
Klondike Klock Kinner
Keystone Six Kennedy Electric Kennedy
Kenmore Keller-Kar Keene Steamobile
KD Kansas City Kane-Pennington

Car Manufacturers with start letter L


L.P.C. Le Piaf Liquid Air
L&B Le Pratic Lister
La Buire Le Roitelet Little
La Confortable Le Zèbre Little Detroit
La Cuadra Leach Little Princess
La Dalat Leach Liuzhou Wuling
La Fayette Leader Lizard
La Forza Lea-Francis Lloyd
La Licorne Leblanc Lloyd-Hartnett
La Lorraine Ledl LM Sovra
La Marne Lee Stroyer LMV
La Minerve Leesdorfer LMX
La Nef Leichtauto LMX Sirex
La Perle Leidart Lobini
La Ponette Leitch Local
La Radieuse Lems Local Motors
La Roulette Lenawee Locomobile
La Salle Lenox Locost
La Va Bon Train Léon Bollée Logan
Lacoste & Battmann Leon Rubay Lohner-Porsche
LAD Leopard Lola
Lada Lessner Lomax
Ladas Lester Solus Lombard
Lafer Leuchters Lombardi
Lafitte Lewis London Six
Lagonda Lewis American Airways Lone Star
Lahaussois Lexington Lonsdale
Lakshmi Lexus Loomis
L’Alkolumine Leyat Loreley
LAM Leyland Loremo
Lambert LGS Lorena GT
Lamborghini Li Nan Lorraine
Lammas-Graham Liaoning Shuguang Lorraine Dietrich
Lanchester LIAZ Lotec
Lancia Libelle Lotis
Land Master Liberty Lotus
Land Rover Liberty Electric Cars Lozier
Landa Licorne LT
Landulet Lidagroprommash LTI
Lane Lifan Luaz
Lanza Light Luc Court
Lapponia Cars Light Car Company Lucar
Laraki Lightburn Lucerna
L’Ardennais Lightning Lucia
LaSalle Lightning Car Company Lucien Rosengart
Lassale Lightning Hybrids Lufbery
Laurel Ligier LuLu
Laurin & Klement Li-Ion Lumeneo
Lauth-Juergens Lila Lurquin-Coudert
Lavazza Lima Lutier
Lavie Lincoln Lutzmann
Lawil Lincoln Highway Luverne
Laz Lindcar Lux
LC Lindsay Luxgen
LCC Linett Luxior
LDV Linon Lynx
Le Blon Linser Lyons
Le Cabri Lio Ho Lyons Atlas
Le Favori Lion Lzum
Le Gui Lion-Peugeot Lipsia
Le Patron Lidagroprommash Lyman
Lyman & Burnham Luxor Luck Utility
LPC Lowell-American Los Angeles
Lord Baltimore Longest Long Distance
Locke Littlemac Lindsley
Light Steamer Lewis Motocycle Lescina
Lenox Electric Lende LCE
Lawter Lauth Larsen
Lansden Electric Lanpher Lancamobile
Laconia La Vigne La Salle-Niagara
La Petite L&E

Car Manufacturers with start letter M


M.A.Julien Matheson Millot
M.A. Alvarez Mathieu Minelli
M.R. Mathis Minerva
Mada Mathomobile MINI
MADEI Matra Mini Jem
Madelvic Matra Bonnet Minimus
Madison Matra-Simca Mirage GT
Madom Matra-Talbot Mistral
Madoz Maudslay Mitaka
MAF Maurer-Union Mitchell
MÁG Mauser Mitsubishi
Magda Mávag Mitsui
Maggiora MAVA-Renault Mitsuoka
Magna Steyr Max Miura
Magnum Spectre Maximag Mizuno-shiki
Magomobil Maxwell MK Indy
Mahindra Maybach MLB
Maibohm Maytag Mason MMI
Maico Mazda MoAZ
Maiflower Mazel Mochet
Maillard Mazzieri Mock
Maison Parisienne MBM Model
Maja MCA Mohs
Majestic MCC Moline
Majocchi McCabe-Powers Moline-Knight
Majola McCue Mölkamp
Major McFarlan Moll
Make Mine Electric McGregor Moller
Malaguena McIntyre Moloney
Malaxa McLaren Mom
Malcolm Jones McLaughlin Momo
Malicet et Blin/M&B MCR Monarch
Malliary McRae Monet
Mallock MDI Monica
Malzoni Méan Monitor
Manexall Mebea Monnard
Mania Spyder MEBEA Monocar
Manic GT Mecca Monroe
Mannesmann Meeussen Monterosa
Mansory Mega Monteverdi
Manx Buggy Meihatsu Montier
Mararn Meiwa Montier & Gillet
Marathon Mekong Auto Moon
Marathon Motor Cars Melkus Moore
Marauder Ménara Moose Jaw Standard
Marbais and Lasnier Menier Mopar
Marble-Swift Menominee Mora
Marcadier Menon Morales
Marca-Tre-Spade Méray Morattab
March 30th Works Mercedes Moravan
Marchand Mercedes-Benz Moretti
Marcos Mercer Morgan
Marden Mercury Morisse
Marendaz Mercury Body Morland
Margaria Merit Morris
Marguerite Merkur Morris & Salom
Marie de Bagneux Messerschmitt Mors
Marion Messier Morse
Marion Flyer Métallurgique Moser
Marion-Handley Metalurgica Laguarda Moskvitch
Marlborough Meteor Mosler
Marlei Methven Mota
Marmon Metrocab Motobloc
Marot-Gardon Metropol Motor Bob
Marotti Metropolitan Motor Carrier
Marquette Metz Mototri Contal
Marr Metzger Moustique
Mars Meyers Manx Möve
Marshall Meyra Moyea
Marsonetto MG Moyer
Marta Michel Irat MP Lafer
Martin Michigan MPM
Martini Micro MTX
Martin-Walter Microcar Multimaco
Marussia Middlebridge Multiplex
Maruti Middleby Munguía Industrial,S.A.
Marvel Midland Munson
Marvia Mier Muntz
Maryland Miesse Murray
Mascot Mieusset Murray-Mac
Maserati Mikasa MVM
Mason Mikrus MVS
Master Milburn Electric MWD
Mastretta Mildé myCar
Matas/SRC Miles Myers Motors
Matford Miller Mylon
Murdaugh Muncie Mueller
Motorette Morriss-London Morrison Electric
Morgan 2 Mondex-Magic Mohawk
Modoc Mitchell-Lewis Mino
Minneapolis Milwaukee Steamer Mills
Milac Midwest Mills Electric
Michigan Steamer Metzger Merz
Merkel Mel Special Med-Bow
McKay Steamer McGill McCurdy
MB Mayfair Mayer
Maxim Motor Tricycle Massillon Martin-Wasp
Marsh Marlboro Manistee
Malden Steam Malcolm Mais
Mahoning Magic Macomber

Car Manufacturers with start letter N


NAG Naylor NJ
Nacional G Naza Nobel
Nacional Pescara Nazzaro Noble
Nacke NBM-Nasser Brazil Motores Noble Detroit
Nagant Neale Noma
Namco Neckar Nordenfelt
Nami Nelson Nordex
Nance Neobus Norkis
Nanceene Neorion Norsk Geijer
Nanjing New Carden Northern
Nanqi New Flyer Northway
Napier New Orleans Norwalk
Napoleon New Parry Nota
Naptholette Next Autoworks Nova
Nardi Nexus Automotive NSU
Nardini Niagara NSU-Fiat
Nasenbaer Nielson Nug
Nash Nike Nu-Klea
Nash-Healey Nikken NW
Nasr Nippon Nyayo
National Nismo Nyberg
Navajo Nissan Nysa
Napoleon 2 Norton North Western
Nichols Shepard Niagara Four New York Six
New York New Home New Era
New England Steamer New England Electric Neustadt-Perry
Napoleon 3

Car Manufacturers with start letter O


Oakland Oltcit Orlo
OBC Olympian Orpington
Obus Omega Oryx
Obvio! Omega Six OSCA
ODA Omikron Osella
Officine Meccaniche (OM) Omnia OSI
Ogle One of the Best Otokar
Ogren Only Otomo
Ohio Opel Otosan
Ohio Electric Opes Otro Ford
Ohmiya Opperman Otto
Ohta Oppermann Oullim
Oka Optimal Energy Ours
Okey Orca Engineering Overland
Oldsmobile Orient O-We-Go
Oliva Orient Express Owen
Oliver Orion Owen Magnetic
Oyak-Renault Orix Orion 2
Overholt Oxford Owen Schoeneck
Ottokar Otto-mobile Orson
Omar Omaha Ohio Falls

Car Manufacturers with start letter P


Paccar Peterill Pope-Waverley
Pacific Special Petrel Popp
Packard Peugeot Populaire
Pagani Phanomen Porsche
Paige Phantom Corsair Portaro
Paige-Detroit Phelps Porter
Pak Suzuki Motors Phianna Porthos
PAL Phoenix Powell
Palm Phönix Powercar
Palmer-Singer Piaggio Prado
Pan Picchio Racing Cars Praga
Pan American Piccolo Pragoti
Pan Car Pic-Pic Pratt
Panek Piedmont PRB
Panhard Pieper Premier Roadstar
Panoz Pierce Premocar
Panther Pierce-Arrow Preslav
Paragon Pierce-Racine Presto
Paramount Piggins Pretty
Parenti Pilain Priamus
Parry Pilgrim Primo
Pars Khodro Pilot Primus
Partin Pinguin Prince
Partin-Palmer Pininfarina Princess
Passport Pioneer Prinetti & Stucchi
Paterson Piontek Prod’homme
Pathfinder Pipe Prodrive
Patin Piper Projecta
Patok Pirin-Fiat Prosper-Lambert
Paulin Pittsburgh Six Protea
Pawi Plasan Proteus
Paydell Plass Proto
Paykan Plasson Proton
Payne-Modern Platinum Speedster Protos
Payze Playboy PSA Bronto
Peel Pluto Publica
Peerless Plymouth Publix
Pegaso P-M Puch
Pegasus Podeus Puli
Pellandini Poinard Pullman
Penn Polaris Puma
Pennant Polski Fiat Pungs Finch
Pennsylvania Pontiac Pup
Perana Ponts-Moteurs Pur Sang
Perenti Pope Purvis
Perfekt Pilliod Purvis Eureka
Perfex Pope-Hartford Pyonghwa
Perl Pope-Robinson Pyongsang
Perodua Pope-Toledo Python
Perry Pope-Tribune PZinz
Pescarolo Premier Rio Premier
Puritan Prospect Prescott
Pratt-Elkhart Powercar Postal
Portland Port Huron Ponder
Pomeroy Pneumobile Planche
Pickard Phipps-Grinnell Peters-Walton
Peter Pan Perrett Electric Perfection
People’s Pennsy Pennington
Peninsular Pence Peerless Steam
Pawtucket Patterson-Greenfield Parsons Electric
Panam Palmer Page
Paco Pacific

Car Manufacturers with start letter Q


Queen Quantum Quinby
Qvale Quasar-Unipower Quo Vadis
Quadrant Quick

Car Manufacturers with start letter R


R&V Knight Reyan Rogers & Hanford
Rába Reynard Rogers & Thatcher
Rabag/Rabag-Bugatti Reyonnah Röhr
Race Car Replicas Reyrol Rolland-Pilain
RaceAbout Ricart Rollfix
Racing Plast Burträsk Ricart-España Rollin
Radar Ricart-Pérez Rolls-Royce
Radical Richard Rollston
Radior Richard & Hering Rolux
RAF Richard-Brasier Romer
Railton Richelieu Romi
Rain Group Richmond ROMLOC
Rainier Rickenbacker Ronart
Raleigh Rickett Ronn Motor Company
Rally Ricketts Roosevelt
Ralph Lucas Rider-Lewis Root and Vandervoort
Ram Ridley Rootes
Rambler Riker Roper
Ranger Riley Roper-Corbet
Raouval Rimac Rosengart
Rapid Ringhoffer Ross
Rapier Rinspeed Ross Steamer
Rapport Rintaku Rossel
Ratier Riotte Rossin-Bertin
Rauch & Lang Ritter Rossion
Ravailler Rivian Rotary
Rapid 2 Riviera Rotarymotive
Ravel Rozaleno Rothwell
Rayfield RMC Roussel
Raymond Mays R-O Roussey
RCH Roader Roustabout
RCM Roadrazer Rouxel
RDC Roamer Rovena
Reber Roaring Forties Rover
Rebour Robe Rovin
Red Flag Robie Royal Star
Redline Robin Hood Royal Tourist
Rees Robinson Royce
Regal Robnell Ruby
Reid Robson Rudge
Reliable Dayton Rocar Ruf Automobile
Reliance Rochdale Rugby
Reliant Roche RULO
Renault Rochester Rumi
Renault Samsung Rochet-Schneider Rumpf
René-Bonnet Rock Falls Rumpler
Rengsjöbilen Rockaway Rush
Reo Rocket Ruska
Replicar Developments Rockne Russo-Balt
Replicar Hellas Rockway Russo-Baltique
Republic Rockwell Russon
Reva Rodgers Ruston-Hornsby
REVA Electric Car Company Rodley Rutenber
Reventlow Automobiles Roebling-Planche Ruxton
ReVere Roewe RWC
REVOZ Roger Ryley
Rex Rogers Rytecraft
Rex-Simplex Russell Rushmobile
Rubay Royal Electric Ritz
Riddle Rex 2 Republic
Remington Regas Reed
Red Jacket Red Bug Real Cyclecar
Reading Randall Three-Wheeler Randall
Railsbach RAC

Car Manufacturers with start letter S


S.H.W Shelby Spitz
Saab Shelby American Spoerer
Saba Shelby Super Cars Sports Junior
Sablatnig-Beuchelt Shelsley Springfield
Sabra Shelter Springuel
Sachsenring Sheppee Spyker
Sado Sheridan Squire
SAF Shibaura SRT
Safir Shoemaker S&S
SAIC Short GT SS Fiberglass
Saipa Showa SsangYong
Sakbayan Shrike SSZ
Saker SIAM St Louis
Saleen Siam V.M.C. Szawe
Salica Siata Sta Matilde
Salmson Sibrava Stabilia
Salter Sichuan Tengzhong Staiger
Sam Lyle Siddeley Standard
SamAuto Siddeley-Deasy Standard Electric
Samco Sidéa Standard Motors
Sampson Sigma Standard Six
Samson Motorworks Silva-Coroner Standard Steam
Samsung SIMA-Violet Standard Superior
San Simca Standard Swallow
San Vito Simca Vedette Standard/FAS
San Yang Simplex Stanga
Sandford Simplic Stanguellini
Sanko Simplicia Stanley
Santa Matilde Simplicity Stanwood
Santana Simplo Star
Santax Simpson Design Starline
Santler Simson Start
Sao Sinclair Startech
SARA Sinclair-Scott Startwin
Sarao Singer States
Saturn Singer Vehicle Design Statesman
Sauber Single Center Staunau
Sautter-Harlé Sinpar Staver
Sava Sintz Stavern bilfabrikk
Savio Sipani Steamobile
Saxon Siscart Stearns Automobile Company
Saxon-Duplex Siva Stearns-Knight
Sayers Sivax Steel Brothers
SB/Slaby-Beringer Sixcyl Steenstra GCM
Sbarro Sizaire Frères Steiger
Scacchi Sizaire-Berwick Stelka
Scania Sizaire-Naudin Stella
Scania-Vabis SJR Stengel
SCAP Skelta Stephens MP Co.
SCAR Skelton Sterling
Scarab Skene Sterling-Knight
SCAT Skeoch Steudel
Scavas Skirrow Stevens-Duryea
SCH Slaby Beringer Stewart
Schacht Slatinany Stewart-Coats
Schaum SLM Steyr
Scheibler Smart Steyr-Daimler-Puch
Schlosser Smith Steyr-Puch
Scion Smith & Dowse Stickney
Scioneri Smith & Mabley Stilson
Scirea Smith Flyer Stimula
Scootacar SMS Limited Stoddard-Dayton
Scora Smyjk Stoewer
Scott Smyth Performance Stola
Scripps Booth SNA Stolle
Searchmont Söderbloms Gjuteri & Mekaniska Verkstad Storero
Sears Södertelje Verkstäder Storey
Seat Sodomka Stout-Scarab
SeAZ Sofia Straker-Squire
Sebring Solanet Strathcarron
Sebring-Vanguard Solaris Strega
Secma Soletta Strømmen
Securus Solidor Strosek
Seidel-Arop Sollers JSC Stryker
Selden Solomobil Studebaker
Self SOMEA Studebaker-Garford
Sellers Sigma 2 Sturtevant
Selve Sommer Stutz
Senator Soncin Styl Kar
Seneca Sondergard Sub
Sénéchal Sons Of Boyd Subaru
Senlac Soriano-Pedroso Success
Sensaud de Lavaud Soules Sultan
Sera Southeast Sumida
Serenissima Southern Cross Suminoe
Servitor Sovam Sun
Severin Sovereign Sunbeam
SGS SPA Sunbeam-Talbot
SGV Spacke SunCar
Shad-Wyck Spada concept Sungri
Shahab Khodro SPAG Super
Shaka Spartan Super Seven Stars Motors Industry Co.,Ltd
Shamrock Spatz Superformance
Shan Star Spaulding Superleggera Touring
Shandong Huoyun Spectre Suzuki
Shanghai Maple Automotive Speedsport Suzulight
Shanghai-GM Speedster Svensk Elektrobil
Sharp Arrow Speedwell Swallow
Sharpbuilt Speidel Swallow Doretti
Shaw Speranza Chery Swift
Shawmobile Sperber Sylva
Shawmut Sphinx Syrena
Sheffield-Simplex Spijkstaal Saurer
Synnestvedt Electric Sunset Summit
Suburban Stuyvesant Sturges Electric
Strouse Strong & Rogers Electric Strobel & Martin
Stringer Streator Stratton-Bliss
Stratton Storms Electric Storck Steamer
Stickney Motorette Sterling-New York Steel Swallow
Steco Starin Stanton
Stanley Whitney Stammobile Stafford
St. Joe Squier Sprite
Springer Sphinx 2 Sperry Electric
Spencer Steamer Spencer Speedway
Southern Six Southern South Bend
Sommer 2 Snyder Skorpion
Simplex 2 Silver-Knight Silver
Silent-Knight Silent Sioux Signet
Sibley Shaum Sharon
Shain Seven Little Buffaloes Serrifile
Serpentina Sekine Scott
Schoening Santos Dumont Salvador
Salisbury Saginaw S&M Simplex

Car Manufacturers with start letter T


TAC Thor Traveler
Tachikawa Thrif-T Traveller
TagAZ Thrige Trebert
Taipan Thunder Ranch Trekka
Takeoka Thunderbolt Treser
Takuri Thurner Trexa
Talbot Thury-Nussberger Tribelhorn
Talbot-Lago Tickford Tribune
Taller Danree y Silveira Tidaholm Tricars
Tama Tigr Trident
Tamplin Tiki Trifun
Tangalakis Timmis Trihawk
Tanger Timor Triking
Tanom Tincher Trimobil
Tata Tiny Triouleyre
Tatra Titan Trippel
Taunton Titania Triumph
Taunus TMC Tri-Wheel Motor Corp
Taurinia TMC Costin Trojan
Tauro Sport Auto TMG Troll
Tawon Tobe Troller
Taylor Tofas Tron
Tchaika Tojeiro Tropical
TCM Automobiles Tomaszo Trucks and Bus Company
TD2000 Tomcar True Concept Cars
Teijo Tommy Trumbull
Temperino Tommy Kaira Trumpchi
Tempero Toniks Tsubakimoto Chain
Templar Topliss Tsukuba
Tempo Torch Tucker
TEMSA Torgmash Tucuxi
Terraplane Tornado Tudhope
Tesla Motors Tornax Tulsa
Texan Totem Turbo
Texmaco Touraine Turcat-Méry
TGE Tourette Turchetti
TH Tourey Turgan-Foy
TH!NK Tourist Turicum
Th. Schneider Toward & Philipson Turinelli & Pezza
Thaco Towne Shopper Turner
Thai Rung Toyoda Turner-Miesse
Thames Toyopet TVD
The London Taxi Company Toyota TVR
Thein & Goldberger Toyota WiLL Twike
Theologou Trabant Twombly
Théophile Schneider Tracford Twyford
Theyer Rothmund Tracta Tygan
Thomas Trailer De Monterrey Tyseley
Thomas-Detroit Tramontana TZ
Thomond Transinco Tzen
Thomson TAZ Turbo 2
Twin City Trinity Steamer Trimoto
Tricolet Trebert Trask-Detroit
Tractmobile Towanda Electric Tourist 2
Torbensen Tonawanda Toledo
Tinkham Tiger Tiffany Electric
Thresher Electric Thomson 2 Thompson Electric
Thompson Terwilliger Templeton-Dubrie
Taunton 2

Car Manufacturers with start letter U


United States Long Distance Unimog United States
UAZ Union Utilis
UD Trucks Unipower Utilitas
Uirapuru Unitas Utopian
Ulf UNO Úttörő
Ultima Upton UVMV
UltraCommuter Urbanina U-Wagen
UMM Urecar Uzavtosanoat
Underberg Of Nantes Uri UzDaewooAuto
Unic Uro Uzinele Braşov
Unicar Urric Universal
Unito United U.S Runabout

Car Manufacturers with start letter V


Vabis VEF Vinaxuki
Vaclav Smejkal Vegantune Vinci
Vaghi VELAM Vincke
Vaillant Velie Vinot & Deguingand
Vaillante Velorex Vintage Spyders
Vale Velorex-X-Strike Viotti
Valiant Velox Virago
Vallée Velozzi Virginian
Valmet Vemac Vision
Valveless Vemag Vivinus
VAM Venturi Vixen
Van Gink Venucia VL Automotive
Van Wagoner Veritas VMC
VanClee Vermorel Vogtland
Vanden Plas Vernon Vogue
Vandenbrink Vernon-Derby Voisin
Vanwall Vernons Volksrod
Vapomobile Vespa Volkswagen
Vaughan Vestby Volvo
Vauxhall VF Voran
VAZ Victoria Vues
VDL Bova Vignale Vuillet
VEAM Viking Vulcan
Vechet Villa GT V-Vehicle
Vector Vinacomin Motor Vinamotor
Veemax Vaja Victoria 2
Velox 2 Voiturette Victory
Victormobile Steamer Victor Page Victor Cyclecar
Victor Vickers VE Electric
Vaughn Van

Car Manufacturers with start letter W


W Motors Weigel Wilford
W.W. Trevis Weiss-Manfréd Williamson
Waaijenberg Welch Willoughby
Waco Welch-Detroit Wills Sainte Claire
WAF Wendax Willys
Wagenhals Wenkelmobil Willys Interlagos
Wald Wesnigk Willys Knight
Walker Electrics Westcott Willys-Overland
Wallyscar Westfalia Wilson
Walter Westfield Wilson-Pilcher
Waltham Westinghouse Windhoff
Wanderer Weymann Windsor
Ward WFS Winograd
Ware Steam Wagon Wharton Winther
Warne Wheego Winton
Warren Whippet Wisco
Warren-Detroit White Wittekind
Warren-Lambert White Pointer Wolfe
Warszawa Whiting Wolseley
Wartburg Whitlock Wolverine
Warwick Wick Wood
Washington Wiesmann Woodill
Wasp Wigan-Barlow Woodrow
WaterCar Wiima Woods
Waterhouse Wyner Woods Electric
Watt Wikov Woods Mobilette
Waverley Electric Wilbrook Worth
Way Wilco Wrigley
Wayne Wilcox Wyeth
Weber Sportscars Weber

Car Manufacturers with start letter Y


Y&T Yaxa York Pullman
Yale Ycaco Yoshida-shiki
Yamaha Yellow Cab Yugo
Yamata Yes! Yulon
Yanase YLN – Yue Loong Yulon-Yueloong
Yarovit Yo-Auto Yankee

Car Manufacturers with start letter Z


Zagato Zenn Zinoro
Zagross Khodro Zent Zip
Zastava Zeta Zoe
Zaz Zhejiang Zolfe
Zbrojovka Brno Zhonghua Zoragy
Zebra Zhongji ZSD
Zédel Zhongneng Zündapp
Zelensis ZIL Zust
Zender Zimmer Zwickau
Zénia Zimmerman ZX Auto

Car Manufacturers with start letter X


Xiali Xiamen Golden Dragon Xinkai
Xedos Xenia Xtra

Car Manufacturers with start letter Š



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