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Alvis Car Logo

Alvis Car Logo

Alvis Car Logo

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Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd was a British assembling organization in Coventry, England. From 1919–1967 notwithstanding cars intended for the citizen market, the organization additionally processed dashing autos, flying machine motors, armored autos and other armored battling vehicles, After turning into a subsidiary of Rover in 1965, auto assembling was finished yet armored vehicle production proceeded. Alvis came to be part of British Leyland and after that in 1982 was sold to United Scientific Holdings which renamed itself to Alvis plc, The first ever organization, T.g. John and Company Ltd., was established in 1919 by thomas George John (1880 – 1946). Its first items were stationary engines,carburetors and motorscooters. Taking after grievances from the Avro air ship organization whose logo exhaust similitudes to the definitive winged green triangle, the more commonplace transformed red triangle consolidating the expression “Alvis” developed. On December 14, 1921, the organization formally transformed its name to The Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd.

The root of the name Alvis has been the subject of an extraordinary arrangement of theory throughout the years. Some have inferred that de Freville proposed the name Alvis as a compound of the expressions “aluminium” and “vis” (importance “quality” in Latin), or maybe it might have been determined from the Norse legendary weapon smith, Alvíss, In 1936 the organization name was abbreviated to Alvis Ltd, and airplane motor and armored vehicle divisions were added to the organization by the start of World War Ii. Smith-Clarke composed numerous models throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

Alvis Vehicle Model list:

1966 Alvis TF 21  

1963 Alvis TE 21  

1962 Alvis TD 21 Series II  

1962 Alvis TD 21 Series II Automatic  

1958 Alvis TD 21  

1955 Alvis TC 108/G  

1955 Alvis TC 21/100 Saloon  

1953 Alvis TC 21/100  

1950 Alvis TA 21  

1948 Alvis TB 14  

1945 Alvis TA 14  

1938 Alvis 12-70  

1938 Alvis Speed 25 SC  

1937 Alvis 19.82 Crested Eagle TJ  

1937 Alvis 19.82 Crested Eagle TK  

1937 Alvis 19.82 Silver Crest  

1937 Alvis 19.82 Silver Crest Saloon  

1937 Alvis 25.63 Crested Eagle TA  

1937 Alvis 25.63 Crested Eagle TB  

1936 Alvis 16.95 Silver Crest  

1936 Alvis 32 hp Saloon  (1937 MY) 

1936 Alvis 4.3 Litre  

1936 Alvis 4.3 Litre  

1935 Alvis Silver Eagle Sixteen  

1935 Alvis Speed Twenty Vanden Plas Saloon  

1934 Alvis Firebird  

1934 Alvis Speed Twenty Sports Tourer  

1933 Alvis Speed Twenty SB  

1932 Alvis Firefly  

1932 Alvis Speed Twenty SA  

1930 Alvis 12/50 TJ  

1929 Alvis FWD 8/15  

1929 Alvis Silver Eagle SA  

1928 Alvis FWD FA  

1928 Alvis FWD FA  

1928 Alvis FWD FB  

1928 Alvis FWD FB  

1927 Alvis 12/50 TH  

1923 Alvis 12/50 SA  

1923 Alvis 12/50 SB  

1920 Alvis 10/30  

Alvis Silver Eagle  

Alvis Silver Eagle Atlantic Saloon