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ABT Sportsline Car Logo

ABT Sportsline Logo from 2009

ABT Sportsline Logo from 2009

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ABT Sportsline is an auto tuning and motor racing company Founded in 1970 by Johann Abt (Race car Driver).Company is located in Kempten im Allgäu, Germany.

ABT Sportsline is specialist car body styling parts, engine tuning company they are related primary to Car manufacturer Audi, and Volkswagen car family-Volkswagen, Škoda, Seat…and much more.

After Johann-s death in 2003, ABT Company is run by Johann-s brother Hans-Jürgen Abt and Christian Abt ( Also a Race car Driver ).

ABT Sportsline Logo ABT Sportsline Logo
ABT Sportsline Logo ABT Sportsline Logo
ABT Sportsline Logo ABT Sportsline Logo

Abbott Car Logo

Abbott Car Logo

Abbott Car Logo

[image_thumbs] [image_slider link=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbott-Detroit” source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/wikipedia-logo.png”] Abbott Wikipedia [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”https://www.facebook.com/pages/Car-Logos/1374843129417784″ source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Facebook_icon.png”] Abbott Facebook [/image_slider] [/image_thumbs]
The Abbott-Detroit was an American luxury Car Company In Detroit, established in 1909, but they declared bankruptcy in April 1918. The Abbott-Detroit has two models Continental engine 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder. The Abbott cars could also be manufactured with a 8-cylinder Herschell-Spillman engine. In 1916 the company moved from Detroit to Cleveland in a larger facility, and changed their name to Abbott Motor Corporation. Builded cars from facility in Cleveland were called with short name Abbott. Very soon company started to have financial problems and in April 1918 they declared bankruptcy.

Abbott - Detroit car logo Abbott – Detroit
Abbott - Detroit 1912 car logo Abbott – Detroit 1912 car logo
Abbott - Detroit car logo Abbott – Detroit car logo

Abbott Vehicle Model list:

1917 Abbott 6-44 Sedan

1917 Abbott 6-60

1915 Abbott-Detroit 8-44

1915 Abbott-Detroit 8-80

1914 Abbott-Detroit Belle Isle

1912 Abbott-Detroit D 34-40

1912 Abbott-Detroit E 34-40

1910 Abbott-Detroit

Abarth Car Logo

Abarth Logo

Abarth Logo

Abarth Logos

Abarth Logos changes throughout the years

Abarth is an racing car maker founded in 1949 by Carlo Abarth Turin.Abarth have recognizable logo, with scorpion on a red and yellow background. In the Nineteen Sixties, Abarth was quite winning in hillclimbing and sports auto racing, principally in categories from 850cc up to 2000cc, competitive with Porsche 904 and Ferrari Dino. Hans Herrmann was a lead factory driver from 1962 till 1965, winning the 500km Nürburgring in 1963 with Teddy Pilette Later,Johann Abt was secure by Carlo Abarth that he may drive their factory automotive for complimentary if he won all the races he entered—which Abt nearly did, winning twenty nine of thirty, the thirtieth being a second. Along with its sports cars, Abarth created superior exhaust pipes. Later, Abarth diversified in manufacturing numerous calibration kits for road vehicles, principally for order. Abarth was conjointly associated in manufacturing sports or racings cars with Porsche and Simca. Abarth was sold to Fiat in 1971, and also the sports team sold to Enzo Osella. Abarth became the sports department of fiat, managed by celebrated engine designer Aurelio Lampredi. Some models engineered by fiat or its subsidiaries Lancia and Autobianchi were co-branded Abarth, the foremost notable being the Autobianchi A112 Abarth.

Arab American Vehicles–AAV Car Logo

Arab American Vehicles - AAV Car Logo

Arab American Vehicles – AAV Car Logo

[image_thumbs] [image_slider link=”http://www.aav.com.eg/Index.html” source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Home.png”] Arab American Vehicles Home [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_American_Vehicles” source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/wikipedia-logo.png”] Arab American Vehicles Wikipedia [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”https://www.facebook.com/pages/Car-Logos/1374843129417784″ source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Facebook_icon.png”] Arab American Vehicles Facebook [/image_slider] [/image_thumbs]

Arab American Vehicles–AAV was established on 14 December 1978, as a joint venture between two company Arab Organization forIndustrialization and Chrysler Group LLC located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Their production began with military vehicles, and their reputation for quality was spread 1982, and Arab American Vehicles–AAV was expand their production to civilian passenger vehicles. Initially AAV was established to serve the Arab and Egyptian military forces. Arab American Vehicles–AAV manufacturing vehicles under license from Chrysler LLC, Kia, Daimler AG, Peugeot, Toyota and their current lineup Jeep.

Arab American Vehicles–AAV started production of Fiat Ritmo in period 1982-1984 (Nasr cars Co.). Short after AAV started to produce other passenger vehicles Polonez 1984-1989 (Nasr cars Co.), Suzuki 1987, Vespa Piagio 1986-1887, Peugeot 1992 and others. After production of mid-large sized passenger sedans and luxury vehicles, Arab American Vehicles–AAV further expand their production to Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s).

Arab American Vehicles–AAV has very simple Car Logo rectangle splited with two color blue and red, and initials AAV

Arab American Vehicles–AAV Vehicle Model list:

2008 Komodo (Automotive Gate)

2008 Jeep J8 (AAV Co.)

2008 (Chrysler Egypt)

2008 Cherokee KK

2003 Jeep TJL (AAV Co.)

2002 KIA spectra (KIA Egypt)

2001 New Cherokee KJ (Chrysler Egypt)

2000 Hyundai Sonata (Prima Co.)

2000 Citroen Xsara (Alpha Auto)

1998 KIA pride (KIA Egypt)

1999 Peugeot 406 (Peugeot Egypt)

1969-1999 Peugeot 505 (Peugeot Egypt)

1992 Peugeot 405 (Peugeot Egypt)

1992 Cherokee (AAV Co.)

1986-1987 Vespa Piago (PIAGGO Co.)

1986-1987 Billaros Tractor (AMETCO Co.)

1987 Suzuki (Suzuki Egypt Co.)

1984-1989 Polonez (Nasr cars Co.)

1982-1984 Fiat Ritmo (Nasr cars Co.)

All American Classics – AAC Car Logo

All American Classics - AAC Car Logo

All American Classics – AAC Car Logo

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All American Classics – AAC  was Car Manufacturers of replica Cobra Cars. They was located in USA, 1515 Braggtown Rd. East Berlin, PA.

AAC  Slogan – Must be Driven to be Appreciated

AAC  Car Body was made of Kevlar reinforced fiberglass, Finished inner liners and doubled lined wheel wells.

All American Classics – AAC Car Logo is made in two color. Blue cogwheel and inside Initial in two color one A in blue and A & C in Red Color.

All American Classics  Cars came with:

A Computer designed suspension – wt. Distribution 49-51%.

Bi-level Heating System insulated (cool) foot wells Aluminum mach.

Billet-tilt steering column.

Big Block Ford Std. ( Other engines was option )

Available in 4 speed or automatic.

All American Classics - AAC All American Classics – AAC

All American Classics – AAC  Cobra Brochure. (source: John Lloyd)

AGA Car Logo

AGA Logo

AGA Logo

[image_thumbs] [image_slider link=”http://www.aga-museum.nl/page/aga-oldtimers” source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Home.png”] AGA Home [/image_slider] [image_slider link=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGA_%28automobile%29″ source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/wikipedia-logo.png”] AGA Wikipedia [/image_slider] [/image_thumbs]
AGA – Aktiengesellschaft fuer Automobilbau was German car manufacturer, founded in 1915 with name Autogen-

Gas-Akkumulator-AG, they are produced gun components during the war. They start producing cars from 1919 to 1929 in Berlin, and shortly

after Hugo Stinnes  merged AGA with AFA to increase production space, changing name to Aktiengesellschaft fuer Automobilbau.

AGA started with first car 1919 named  Typ A, the car had a 1418 cc, with four-cylinder engine (12 kW; 16 hp), rear wheels drive and three speed manual transmission.

Second car was Typ C, and had more success than Typ A, with same configuration but engine had more power than the earlier car and give the maximum power of 20PS (15kW; 20 hp).

For the inexpensive price and its size Typ C was very popular even became most popular taxi car for some time.

1922 started with production of model 6-20 ps.

They also build sport-racing version of cars 6/30PS for racing and won German Grand Prix 1926, and many other races.

Between 1920 and 1924, the Swedish company Thulin also made AGA cars under licence.

After death of Hugo Stinnes 1924, company was in financial difficulties and ended in bankruptcy at the end of 1925.

AGA Car Logo is made in in black and white, Initial A triangle shape and initial A and G inside.

AGA Vehicles model list:

1922 AGA 6-20ps

1923 AGA 6-30ps ( sport-racing version )

1921 AGA Typ C

1919 AGA Typ A

ABC Motor Vehicle Car Logo

ABC Car Logo

ABC Car Logo

[image_thumbs] [image_slider link=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABC_%281906_automobile%29″ source=”http://www.car-logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/wikipedia-logo.png”] ABC Wikipedia [/image_slider] [/image_thumbs]
The ABC Motor Vehicle was established and started production of their automobile 1908, ABC Company was located in St. Louis, MO at 3921 Morgan Street.With Slogan Simple Name-Simple Machine,  ABC Motor Vehicle 1908 started production of ABC automobiles which had 10 H.P and 12 H.P and was able to speeds up to 35 miles an hour and option to build for two , tree or four passengers.

Price for ABC Automobile was $600.

ABC Motor Vehicle Brochure for their automobile:

ABC Automobile

Simple Name – Simple Machine

A fine hill climber. Speeds up to 35 miles an hour.

Most practical powerful and durable automobile of its class.

Is made easy to operate – no complicated parts – no tires to puncture – no repairs.

Safest machine made.

Built for 2, 3 or 4 passengers. 10 to 12 h.p.


ABC Motor Vehicle Model list:

1910 ABC M

1910 ABC O