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Allard Car Logo

Allard Car Logo

Allard Car Logo

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Allard Motor Company Limited was an English auto producer established in 1945 by Sydney Allard, Allards by and large offered a substantial American V8 motor in a little, light British sports auto form, giving a high power-to-weight degree, Allard R&d neglected to keep up its previous pace and different makers started preparing shabbier and all the more actually progressed autos.

Its new Palm Beach model was a year later than its rivals, the excellent new K-3 neglected to satisfy desires, and the extensive wood sided Safari Estate couldn’t uncover a business sector notwithstanding its eight seats, enormous V8, and wonderful bodywork. Sixties Allards were essentially execution adjusted British Ford Anglias promoted as the Allardette 105, 109, and 116. Generation finished in 1966 when Sydney Allard perished and a blaze crushed the plant and most Allard organization records that night. The Allard manufacturing plant site is currently an advancement of extravagance residences.

Allard Car Logo Allard Car Logo
Allard Car Logo Allard Car Logo

Allard Vehicle Model list:

1957 Allard Gran Turismo

1956 Allard Palm Beach

1956 Allard 72XK Palm Beach

1954 Allard 2¼-Litre

1953 Allard Palm Beach 21C

1953 Allard Palm Beach 21Z

1952 Allard Safari

1952 Allard J2X

1952 Allard K3

1952 Allard M2X

1952 Allard Monte Carlo

1952 Allard J2R

1949 Allard J

1949 Allard J2

1946 Allard K1

1946 Allard J1

1946 Allard J1

1938 Allard V12

1937 Allard V8

Allard LWB