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AGA Car Logo

AGA Logo

AGA Logo

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AGA – Aktiengesellschaft fuer Automobilbau was German car manufacturer, founded in 1915 with name Autogen-

Gas-Akkumulator-AG, they are produced gun components during the war. They start producing cars from 1919 to 1929 in Berlin, and shortly

after Hugo Stinnes  merged AGA with AFA to increase production space, changing name to Aktiengesellschaft fuer Automobilbau.

AGA started with first car 1919 named  Typ A, the car had a 1418 cc, with four-cylinder engine (12 kW; 16 hp), rear wheels drive and three speed manual transmission.

Second car was Typ C, and had more success than Typ A, with same configuration but engine had more power than the earlier car and give the maximum power of 20PS (15kW; 20 hp).

For the inexpensive price and its size Typ C was very popular even became most popular taxi car for some time.

1922 started with production of model 6-20 ps.

They also build sport-racing version of cars 6/30PS for racing and won German Grand Prix 1926, and many other races.

Between 1920 and 1924, the Swedish company Thulin also made AGA cars under licence.

After death of Hugo Stinnes 1924, company was in financial difficulties and ended in bankruptcy at the end of 1925.

AGA Car Logo is made in in black and white, Initial A triangle shape and initial A and G inside.

AGA Vehicles model list:

1922 AGA 6-20ps

1923 AGA 6-30ps ( sport-racing version )

1921 AGA Typ C

1919 AGA Typ A