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Abbott Car Logo

Abbott Car Logo

Abbott Car Logo

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The Abbott-Detroit was an American luxury Car Company In Detroit, established in 1909, but they declared bankruptcy in April 1918. The Abbott-Detroit has two models Continental engine 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder. The Abbott cars could also be manufactured with a 8-cylinder Herschell-Spillman engine. In 1916 the company moved from Detroit to Cleveland in a larger facility, and changed their name to Abbott Motor Corporation. Builded cars from facility in Cleveland were called with short name Abbott. Very soon company started to have financial problems and in April 1918 they declared bankruptcy.

Abbott - Detroit car logo Abbott – Detroit
Abbott - Detroit 1912 car logo Abbott – Detroit 1912 car logo
Abbott - Detroit car logo Abbott – Detroit car logo

Abbott Vehicle Model list:

1917 Abbott 6-44 Sedan

1917 Abbott 6-60

1915 Abbott-Detroit 8-44

1915 Abbott-Detroit 8-80

1914 Abbott-Detroit Belle Isle

1912 Abbott-Detroit D 34-40

1912 Abbott-Detroit E 34-40

1910 Abbott-Detroit