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Abadal Car Logos

Abadal Car Logo Used 1913-1930

Abadal Car Logo Used 1913-1930

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Abadal hyperlinks facebook was once a Spanish vehicle factory made between 1912 and 1923, named after Fracisco Abadal. considered a quick luxurious

vehicle, it had been carefully speckled on the Hispano-Suiza and provided in 2 fashions. One had a 3104cc 4-cylinder engine whereas the

reverse had a 4521cc six-cylinder engine. quickly after the establishment of the Abadal line, car company Imperia from Belgia started out building Abadals beneath license as Imperia-Abadals. In 1916 Abadal nonheritable the Buick company, and Barcelona-built Abadals. That year Abadal had featured custom coachwork, and Buick energy units.these automobiles have been known as Abadal-Buicks. M. A. Van Roggen (previously of Springuel) took over the Belgian operation prior to lengthy when, and designed around 100 seventy various Impéria-Abadals. among the many models made were a 2992cc sixteen-valve four-cylinder OHC sports activities adaptation and 3 paradigm 5630cc straight-eights. the corporate ceased car production in 1923. Francisco Abadal (nicknamed percent) was once a Hispano-Suiza salesperson and sports activities automobile driver in metropolis. He commenced this firm in 1912, and upon its creations, F. Abadal become AN agent of basic Motors in Espana.

In yr 1930 basic Motors associated with these prototype-s by no means achieved their plans with Abadal Continental.

Abadal Car Logo Abadal car logo

Abadal automobile logo is made on shape shield, made with two color pink and golden stripe within the heart with firm identify.

Abadal vehicles model list:

1912 Abadal 15.9

1914 Abadal 25HP